Keeping your dogs safe and cool during the coachella valley summer

 Cooling off from the desert heat by chilling in the pool

Cooling off from the desert heat by chilling in the pool

It is officially summer and boy is it hot outside! It's been over 100 this whole week. So I got to thinking and decided to write some tips that homeowners could use to better protect their bff doggie.

frozen water bottle

Tip #1: If you have an outside dog, fill an empty water bottle with water, duh, freeze it and then place it in his water bowl. Not only is it more effective than dumping ice cubes but it'll last at least a couple of hours if the water bowl is in the shade.

Tip #2: Water the surrounding floor/ground of where they normally lay to keep them cool. Doing this, you'll keep your dog cool by the water evaporating from the heat. Just be sure to let the hot water run off first or it won't be effective and just make things worse

Tip #3: If you have an evaporative cooler, consider leaving your backdoor open so they can enjoy the cool air.  Only do this if you have a screen door or all the flies will come inside...

Tip #4: Create some shade. If you don't have a tree, bush, shrub or natural shade from your house than I implore you make them some shade. You can use some tarp or if you have a windmill palm tree, use the leaves to make some shade. Just build some support and stack the leaves on top of each other

Tip #5: Let your dog stand in a cool pool or puddle if you don't have a pool. Aside from panting, dogs cool down through their sweat glands in their paws. Giving their paws a quick soak can help lower their body temperature. It can also be helpful to put some cold water on their chest, just never use ice as it may lower their body temperature too quickly and constrict blood flow.